Launching of Qitmeer Block DAG Mainnet:

Abdussalam Abdussalam
2 min readJun 14, 2021


The mining of PMEER is expected to end before June 15th, 2021 and the mapping of HLC and PMEER to the main network coin (MEER coin) will be opened after launching of the Qitmeer foundation mainnet.

Transfer of PMEER coin require miners to package a thousand block and confirm the transaction, so PMEER cannot be transferred after the mining of PMEER is completed.

The Meer coin will be launched in the mainnet of Qitmeer public chain which is regarded as the Umayyad period. The MEER coin is the native coin of Qitmeer network, which will inherit its value from both HLC and PMEER on the Qitmeer network through the Mapping Process.

Mapping of HLC and PMEER

The game of dual token engages all individuals on the blockDAG but engage its pioneers more than anybody else on the public chain. The pioneers are holders of HLC and are required to burn their token while PMEER hodlers just hodl till the birth of the MAINNET of the Qitmeer public chain.

Hodlers and trader of PMEER should anticipate listing on Binance exchange and other global exchanges as we wait patiently for the lunching of the MAINNET of the Qitmeer public chain by the end of June 2021.

Qitmeer team advises global users to transfer their HLC and PMEER tokens to their KAHF wallet ( ) before mid-June 2021. Currently, mapping can only be done on the KAHF wallet.